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Unique Wine & Food Pairing Ideas for your Lunar New Year

Bak Kwa/ Barbecure Pork: Amarone / Sparkling Venetian Rosé - Extra Dry

Grilled to smoky perfection in a delectable marinate, add depth to this sinful snack with the pronounced fruit intensity of an Amarone - Corte Moschina Amarone della Valpolicella, or add on some acidity to cut up the oiliness with a sparkling rosé - Anna Spinato Sparkling Rosé Extra Dry NV. The relatively low level of tannins and sweeter nature of both wines are an excellent suite, bringing our the meat's juiciness, while complementing the heavier structure of the sweet spice flavours & smoky charred bits that on the contrary, may bring your attention to some bitter notes with other wines styles.

Pineapple Tarts: Bourgogne Chardonnay / Bordeaux Moelleux

Buttery, fruity, mildly sweet & sour, with oven baked crumbles, pineapple tarts are a perfect pair with the flinty & mineral freshness of this J. Faiveley AOC Bourgogne Chardonnay. Balancing out the sweetness of the tart so as you can perhaps stomach more in one sitting? Our semi sweet Bordeaux Moelleux - Château Haut de Groux 2018 Bordeaux Moulleux on the hand, provides superb finesse, amplifying the charming creamy notes of these bite sized delights like adding a scoop of ice cream!

Pen Cai: Gervey Chambertin Pinot Noir / Chateauneuf du Pape

An auspicious treasure trove of seafood, shellfish, meats, mushrooms & vegetables coming together to form a rich savoury braise pot. Pair this with something earthy & rustic, like Domaine Philippe Charlopin-Parizot Gevrey-Chambertin 2013 's soft tannins for a classic experience. Otherwise, switch things up with a bold & hot climate style. With high alcohol levels, luscious & silky fruit flavours, the 'Rhône Paradox' Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge by Mas Neuf 's medley of red and black cherry notes provides ample flexibility to handle a dish with many ingredients well!

Pan Seared Fish: Light Burgundy Pinot Noir/ Sparkling Blanc de Blancs Brut

A quintessential dish for the season symbolising prosperity & abundance. Fish is know to be tricky to pair with its delicate and light flavours. Yet the usual classic steamed fish & Sauvignon Blanc pairing isn't that exciting sometimes to complement the many other meat dishes on the table. We suggest a heartier style of oven baked/pan sear on your fish to pair with a J. Faiveley AOC Bourgogne Rouge with good acidity and floral notes instead. Another terrific partnership would be the Comte de Laube Sparkling Brut NV that is an awesome match with the fizz, smoky & savoury seared flavours. Just remember to stay away from oak & tannins!

Roasted Duck/ Suckling Pig: Canon Fronsac, Bordeaux Blend/ Montalcino

Delicate & richer with more flavours than other meat dishes. It is important to keep the juicy flavours of a roasted dish standing out. With medium body, yet still powerful & young, a Montalcino like Poggio Conte's Rosso Di Montalcino DOC 2016 or Chateau Toumalin's MT de Toumalin 2014 from the Canon Fronsac region, does the job. The nearly burnt skins of the roast bring great complements to the obvious, yet still silky tannins, ensuring neither side is being overpowered.

Yusheng: VDP Grosse Gëwachs (Dry White) / Superiore de Cartizze Prosecco

The enjoyable acidity & energising bubbles of the Anna Spinato DOCG Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze in contrast with the Yusheng's sweet sauce provides the much needed balance. There is also another complementing element with the raw seafood, deep fried crunches & aromatic peanuts. Next on the list, Schlossgut Diel 'Diel de Diel' Weißes Cuvée trocken presents the aromas of pineapples, green apple & pears with a riesling, pinot gris & pinot blanc blend. Its headier drier style achieves to cleanse the palate. Ever ready to be paired with a full table of different cuisines actually!

(A VDP Grosse Gëwachs represents the highest quality of dry white wines in Germany)

When eating everything else (All in one) : Sangiovese / Aged Bordeaux Blend

A versatile crowd pleaser, these wines make terrific gifts to bring to any gathering venue. Perhaps the host is still unsure what is on the menu? We have all gone through similar moments, so we've got your back! Poggio Salvi Campo Del Bosco Toscana IGT 2012 is a unique Super Tuscan Sangiovese that imparts pronounced bouquets of dried raisin fruit, think Amarone's aromas, minus the cloying sweetness. Château de Clotte 'Les Quatre Lys' 2012, as well is a classic aged Bordeaux blend with elegant tannins and hints of oaky vanilla. Whether its Grandma's special braised pork or an impromptu steamboat, it just works! Get ready to win "face" as these wines will be your best friend!


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